Happy Birthday Bono: 57 (and more) reasons to celebrate him


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On May 10, 1960,  was born in Dublin, by Brendan Robert (Bob) Hewson, and Iris Elizabeth Rankin, Paul David Hewson, Norman‘s younger brother. Little Paul ‘s family was half-Catholic, half-Protestant, living in the north of Dublin, more precisely in the suburb of Ballymun.
A few years later the young Paul would have started calling himself Bono, by an idea of his fellow friend of Cedarwood Road Derek (Guggi) Rowen, resuming the name of a shop of hearing aids (still existing) on a crossroad of O’Connell Street in Dublin , “Bonavox Hearing Aids”.

We’ve been thinking of honoring U2 leader, man, husband, father, activist, and, please, grant us,it, one of the most influential people in the music world, and not only, during the last 30 years (we’ll agree with us millions of his fans all over the world, to which Bono – like us – has made life more beautiful) by choosing,  thanks to Aaron ( U2Songs), Matthias ( u2gigs), Gabriel ( U2Breathe ) and Daniela (U2360gradi ) 57 (and more) relevant moments in Bono’s life.
Of course, there could be 570 and not 57 of “highlights” in Bono’s life; too great is his art and his person to be reduced to only 57. Many wishes Bono, thank you eternally for everything! Thanks for giving us a great life!

1) May 1, 1960: The American Lockheed U-2 spy plane is cut off near the Siberian city of Ekaterinburg. Steve Averill, currently head of AMP Visual Design, and curator of all U2 album covers, proposed to young  band The Hype to change their name, on March 18, 1978, to U2, after the band wins a contest in Limerick. The prize was a recording session with CBS.
2) January 30, 1972: In the city of London Derry, 14 Irish civilians are killed by troops in the British Army. The massacre is one of the most salient facts of the so-called Troubles, and was renamed Bloody Sunday. Bono and  U2 have always lived up to the problem of the Northern Ireland question, choosing to support peace alone. Sunday Bloody Sunday , which opens the album War (released February 28, 1983) is the first true hymn of U2, and the first track, among many, written by Bono on the wounds of his land.
3) September 10, 1974: Bono’s mother,Iris , suddenly dies and this tragedy overwhelms the life of young Paul and the Hewson family. Bono has fought for his whole life with the suffering caused by the loss of his mother; Mother’s death drama has influenced many U2 songs, including the first single of  U2, Another Day , up to the recent song Iris in the Songs of Innocence of 2014; on the same album is contained The Crystal Ballroom , a place where Bono’s parents went to dance, which later became McGonagle’s: Bono stated in an interview that if he could go back in time, the only desire he wanted to realize would have been to perform for them with U2, in front of his mother, so that she could be proud of hes son and what he had become.
4) September 25, 1976: Following an announcement in the Mount Temple Comprehensive School bulletin commissioned by young Larry Mullen in search of other people to form a band, Bono, Dave Evans (later becomes The Edge), Adam Clayton, and other school-goers and friends of Bono. “The Larry Mullen Band” lasts a few minutes, as Bono immediately spins Mullen as leader; the future four U2, 5 for about a year and a half with Dick Evans, first took the name of Feedback, and then The Hype. Dick Evans joined The Virgin Prunes, a band from Dublin formed by Bono’s fiends, included Gavin Friday (at today, Gavin is an acclamed musican and artist, still great friend of Bono and collaborator of U2).
5) May 25, 1978: With the help of journalist OF Hot Press Bill Graham, young rampant manager Paul McGuinness goes to see  U2 at the Projects Art Center in Dublin and becomes the manager. If  U2 have the career we all know, with record tours and record-breaking recordings, the merit is also of the one who has always been called the “fifth U2”. Paul McGuinness had, among other things, the merit of make gain to U2, since the mid-1980s, all the copyrights of their songs, (with a quote owened by McGuinness as well). Since November 2013,  new U2 manager is Guy Oseary.
6)September 26, 1979: EP Three , the first official U2 release, has been published. On the side A there is Out of Control, written by Bono on the morning of his eighteenth birthday; on the cover there is the child Peter Rowen (the third of the brothers Rowen, Andy and the former mentioned Guggi). Peter Rowen also appears on Boy’s covers (U2’s first studio album, released on 20/10/1980) and War (third studio album).
7)December 08, 1980: In the tragic night when John Lennon was murdered in New York , U2 are performing, not faraway, in Buffalo, during their first short North American leg of the Boy Tour. In the years Bono, and U2, they often played  covers of Beatles and John Lennon; Bono now has a great personal friendship with his son Julian Lennon, sharing some of his founding initiatives, and of course with Yoko Ono. On December 9, 1980,  U2 performs for the first time in Canada.
8)March 22, 1981: After  a concert with U2 in Portland, Bono lost a bag containing, among other things, many lyrics of future songs that would be included in the second studio album, October (published October 12, 1981). The disadvantage caused not a few problems with the gestation of the record; during 2004 the famous briefcase was returned to him by the original fan who found it in 1983 in an apartment near Tacoma.
9)June 9, 1981: After a concert at Hammersmith Palais in London, Bruce Springsteen (accompanied by Pete Townshend) visits U2; Springsteen and U2’s triumphant careers will have many common moments in the years ahead, sharing several duets in concerts, from 1987 until the latest 2016 when Bono went to Dublin’s Croke Park during a Boss show. Curiously, Bono in 1999 introduced Bruce Springsteen into the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame; on March 14, 2005 was the turn of Bruce Springsteen to introduce U2 into the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame . On December 1st, 2014,  Springsteen (after Chris Martin) replaced Bono (convalescent after a surgery to an arm) during a RED event, singing together with the three U2 members.
10)August 16, 1981: U2 play for the first time at Slane Castle, in support of the then-established Phil Lynott’s Thin Lizzy. Two great moments in U2’s career are linked to Slane Castle: in 1984, they recorded part of the fourth studio album The Unforgettable Fire (the first produced by Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois); On August 25, 2001, and on September 1, 2001, U2 held two historic concerts during the Elevation Tour. During the concert on 1st of September, the teenager Eve Hewson (secondborn of Bono and Ali Hewson) came on stage; during Sunday Bloody Sunday Bono remembers in a warm and passionate manner the victims of the 1999 Omagh bombings.
11)February 11, 1982: Before a concert in New Orleans,  U2 meet for the first time photographer Anton Corbijn, with whom they make the first of many photographic shots; the Dutch photographer and filmmaker will be bound forever in the career of Bono and U2, shooting, among other things, photo sessions for The Joshua Tree in 1986 at Bodie.
12) July 31, 1982: During a festival in Gateshead, Bono joins the Police singing with Sting during Invisible Sun; Bono and Sting in the following years will continue to perform together, as in June 1986 during the Conspiracy of Hope Tour, organized by Amnesty International (one of the many associations supported by U2 over the years), which contributed to increasing U2’s reputation in the US where; during the Conspiracy of Hope Tour, Bono duets also several times with Lou Reed.
13)August 21, 1982: Bono and Alison Stewart, engaged since Mount Temple Comprehensive School, marry at Raheny, suburb of Dublin, and spend their honeymoon trip to Jamaica’residence owned by Chris Blackwell’s , the Island Records owner, who signed U2 since February 26, 1980). Considered by everyone as not only important to Bono’s life, but also for U2 career, Ali managed during the year in giving her husband serenity and stability, passing the troubles that many rockstar’s wives have often. Bono has written for her several songs, including Sweetest Thing, All I Want Is You, Spanish Eyes and Song For Someone. She has obviously supported Bono’s choices over the years, even the humanitarian activism; she is currently co-founder of EDUN, , and is part of Chernobyl Children.
14)November 1983: In November 1983, Bono, for the first time, is involved in an extra-U2 project; he  produces the song Prodigal of the band Fear of Falling; During his career Bono has written and produced several songs and projects by other artists, and moreover he joined other musicians several times. (Aaron U2Songs)
15)July 8, 1984: Bono joins for the first time in concert with the great Bob Dylan, at Slane Castle, performing Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat and Blowin ‘In The Wind. In the years to come, there will be other live duets between them. Bob Dylan is co-author of Love Rescue Me, song included in the sixth studio album of U2 Rattle And Hum (released October 10, 1988). During their career,  U2 often performed Bob Dylan’s cover, including Knockin ‘On Heaven’s Door, All Along The Watchtower, I Shall Be Released.  (Gabriel U2Breathe)
16)November 25, 1984: Bono and Adam Clayton fly to London to participate in the Do They Know it’s Christmas? recordings for the Band Aid project, organized by Bob Geldof; the proceeds of the charity single went to Ethiopia. Bono stands out among the many world-famous musicians of the era, with the lyrics <And the Christmas bells that ring there are the clanging chimes of doom Well tonight thank God it’s them instead of you> . In 2004 Bono will be together with Paul McCartney, the only artist attending in the Band Aid 20; he will also take part in the 2014 edition of the 30-year Band Aid. This historic collaboration of 1984 became crucial for the future of U2’s career and Bono activism towards Africa.
17)February 4, 1985: U2 finally arrive for the first time in Italy at the concert in Milan during The Unforgettable Fire Tour. Bono opens the concert as follows: <<Buonasera Milano! La prima, ma non l’ultima.. volta >>. U2 kept the promise, with the exception of LoveTown Tour in 1989, in all the subsequent tours U2 reach Italy, establishing with Italian fans and Italy a great bond that reamins still today. Among the most celebrated concerts, the one of 27th of May 1987 (the so called “Earthquake in Rome”) and the one on July 21, 2001 at the Delle Alpi Stadium in Turin, where Bono met, the day before with several political leaders attending in the G8 in Genoa.
18)July 13, 1985: U2 attend Live Aid at Wembley Stadium in London. Bono extends the performance of Bad, coming down from the stage to embrace a fan, jumping over the execution of Pride. His action, criticized by the other U2 and McGuinness, went around the world giving great visibility to U2. A legendary talking says that Freddie Mercury was much disappointed that  Bono obscured the performance of his Queen. After Live Aid Bono and Ali traveled to Ethiopia, the first of many future trips to Bono in Africa, the continent for which he has been battling for years to improve political-economic-social conditions. On July 2, 2005, in full Vertigo Tour, U2 opened Live Aid in London, playing with Paul McCartney Sgt. Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band.
19)November 11, 1985: Bono participates in the Sun City project organized by Little Steven, against apartheid in South Africa; He performs in the same labelled song and writes for the occasion Silver And Gold , which features Keith Richards and Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones. The song will be rearranged by  U2 and is contained on the bside of the single of the single Where The Streets Have No Name (released August 31, 1987), the third single extracted from The Joshua Tree (Fifth U2 studio album, released March 9, 1987).
20)January 1986: The single In a Lifetime is released by the Irish band Clannad: Bono sings in a wonderful way with Maire Brennan; the video is directed by Meiert Avis, director of many U2 videos, including the first ever, I Will Follow.
21)July 08, 1986: Bono (with Ali) attended the Maori funeral in New Zealand  of Greg Carrol, a member of  U2 crew, a great friend of Bono and Ali, killed by a street pirate when he was going to take the new Harley Davidson of Bono In Dublin.
Bono will be forever shocked by the death of his friend, writing the beautiful One Tree Hill and dedicating the whole The Joshua Tree to his friend of New Zealand. At the funeral he performs Let It Be and Knockin ‘On Heaven’s Door.
22)April 27, 1987: On the wave of success of The Joshua Tree ,  U2 are beginning to become “the world’s biggest rock band”; they end up even on the prestigious cover of the Time. The honor, years later, touches Bono: on March 4, 2003,on Time‘s cover story is written “Can Bono save the world?”. In 2005 he ends up with Bill and Melinda Gates: Time defines them as “Persons of the Year” and “The Good Samaritans” thanks to their activism with the ONE Campaign. U2 returns to the cover of Time on September 29, 2014, a few days after the release of their thirteenth studio album Songs Of Innocence (September 9).
23) March 2, 1988: U2 win the first two Grammy Awards of their legendary career with The Joshua Tree “Album of the Year” and I Still Have not Found What I’m Looking for “ Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group “. To date, U2 is the band with more Grammy Awards, with a total of 22. On February 24, 1999, Bono will be the first U2 member to perform, without the other three, at a Grammy Awards ceremony: he performs Lean On Me with  Kirk Franklin, Mary J. Blige, Crystal Lewis. (Daniela @daniDpVox)
24)Jan. 30, 1989: Mystery Girl  , an album by Roy Orbison, is released; Bono composes (with The Edge on guitar) in the prestigious Sun Studios in 1987, the beautiful She’s at Mystery to Me, realizing in fact the first great collaboration with an American artist. Subsequently Bono (with or without U2) will collaborate with other prestigious artists, including BB King, Willie Nelson, and Frank Sinatra. (Aaron U2Songs )
25)May 10, 1989: On the day of his 29th birthday, borns Jordan, first daughter of Bono and Ali ; Bono will bring her on stage at 5 months during a concert in Brisbane on October 3, 1989 during  LoveTown Tour. On July 7, 1991 her sister,borns Memphis Eve Sunny Day, now actress; On 18 August 1999 the third son of Hewson, Elijah Bob Patricius Guggi Q, was born; On May 21, 2001, the fourth and last son, John Abraham.
26)December 30, 1989: During the third of four historic U2 concerts at the Point Depot in Dublin, Bono, before Love Rescue Me, announces that it is time for the U2 to <<we have to go away and…and dream it all up again >>. Bono announces the end of an era for the U2; The new times are called Achtung Baby (seventh studio album, released November 18, 1991), new sounds, new image, new way of communicating, new way of thinking about a tour and moving on stage.  U2 carry the triumphant Zoo Tv Tour around the world, with screens, trabants, and sentecnes on videowalls, and Bono enjoys acting with the alterego of The Fly, Mirrorball Man  and MacPhisto since the fourth leg.
27)June 20, 1990: Bono, with Adam Clayton, duets with David Bowie, during a concert at Richfield, in Van Morrison’s Gloria song. David Bowie was, like Joe Strummer and others, one of Bono’s inspirational Muses. Bono called him << my rockstar idea>>> in an article written for Rolling Stone following the death of the great artist on January 10, 2016. A few months later the duet with Bowie, Bono and the U2 would have fly to the still called, for  few days , East Berlin, to start the Achtung Baby recordings in Hansa Studios.
28)June 20, 1992: Bono, Ali, and U2 participate in the Greenpeace protest against nuclear central in Sellafield; The day before,  U2, along with  Public Enemy, Big Audio Dynamite II, Kraftwerk, play in Manchester the “Stop Sellafield Concert”. On November 23, 1995, Bono, retiring with U2 the “best group” award, at the MTV Europe Music Awards, accuses France’s Chirac President, who had authorized nuclear tests at the Mururoa Atoll.
29)July 8, 1993: The following day the two triumphal U2 shows in Rome, three days after the release of Zooropa (eight U2 studio album), Bono attends  photographic ssession dressed by The Fly and MacPhisto, even among the Colonnade of the Basilica Of St. Peter. On August 11, 1993, during the first of five concerts in Wembley, MacPhisto call on the phone Salman Rushdie, who is in the venue, reaching him on stage hugging him: it was his first appearance in public, as he was forced to live anonymously because of the death condemn by Ayatollah Khomeini for his book “The Satanic Verses” .
30)November 02, 1993: Frank Sinatra’s Duets album is released, featuring the splendid duet between Bono and Frank Sinatra, I’ve Got You Under My Skin. The song is present, like bside, in the single of Stay (Faraway, So Close!). The first time Sinatra met Bono and the U2 was in April 1987, at a gala evening in Las Vegas, where U2 were with their tour of The Joshua Tree (legendary talking says that Sinatra did not appreciate the dresses on that night of the four Irish). On November 2, 2015, Bono and The Edge perform Two Shots of Happy, One Shot of Sad for a CBS show broadcast December 6, 2015, in honor of what would have been the centenary of Frank Sinatra’s birth.
31) January 19, 1994: Bono inducts Bob Marley to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, then performs with Rita and Ziggy Marley, and with Whoopi Goldberg, in One Love.
32)January 25, 1994: The soundtrack of In the Name of the Father, is released, a movie directed by Irish director Jim Sheridan on the theme of IRA and Troubles; The filmmaker approached Bono and Gavin Friday to write part of the soundtrack. Bono and Gavin write 3 songs: In The Name of the Father, Billy Boola (both sing), and You Made Me The Thief of Your Heart (performed by Sinead O’Connor). The latter, along with Stay (Faraway, So Close!) was nominated for the “Best Original Song” category at the Golden Globe Awards in 1994 but was beated by the prestigious Streets of Philadelphia by Springsteen.  (Aaron u2songs)
33)August 1, 1995: Bono takes part in the tribute album to Leonard Cohen’s Tower of Song: The songs of Leonard Cohen, performing a cover of Hallelujah (produced with the help of Howie B.) On May 19, 2005 U2 perform with the great artist in Tower of Songs, and are included in the film Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man. (Aaron)
34)September 12, 95: Bono, The Edge and Brian Eno attend Pavarotti and Friends  in Modena , performing a wonderful version of One, and, for the first time, Miss Sarajevo, with the participation of the great Tenor. The song was written by Bono thinking of the conflict of ex-Yugoslavia, and the Maestro Pavarotti saw his request realized to finally sing with Bono; Miss Sarajevo is the only single of the album of Passengers Original Soundtracks 1 (published November 6, 1995). Passengers were nothing but  U2 and Brian Eno. Bono and Pavarotti became great friends, and Bono did not cease to support Pavarotti and the War Child in the following years. On May 27, 2003 Bono participated again at Pavarotti and Friends, performing Miserere with Zucchero (in 1992 Bono contributed to the english lyrics of Miserere, published by Zucchero), One, and a wonderful Ave Maria (changing its verses).
35)November 1995: Bono and The Edge write and produce Goldeneye , performed by Tina Turner, for the homonymous film by Pierce Brosnan in the role of James Bond; The film was very successful. Curiously, Goldeneye was the estate in Jamaica of the James Bond saga creator, Ian Fleming, who sold the estate  to Chris Blackwell in 1977, owner of Island Records, where Bono and Ali stayed during their honeymoon. (Aaron U2Songs)
36)December 30, 1995: Bono, with Ali, visits Sarajevo , which has just emerged from the tremendous conflict that exacerbated former Yugoslavia in the early 1990s; among other things they visit The National Library, one of the most beautiful libraries in the world, which was bombed. In 1993, during the shows of  Zoo Tv Tour Bono links ofthen with war- journalist Bill Carter, who was in Sarajevo front. Bono convinced himself that U2 would have  played there one day. Failing in that during that tour, he supported Bill Carter’s Miss Sajevo project and kept the promise, playing the historic concert of September 23, 1997, during Popmart (tour supporting Pop, the ninth studio album released March 3, 1997) , at the Kosevo Stadium in Sarajevo, where he lost his voice and was helped by The Edge, and above all by the public, celebrating and finally not suffering for war.
37) November 22, 1997: Michael Hutchence commits suicide, INXS leader, Paula Yates’s companion and great friend of Bono. U2 singer, in full Popmart, will remember “Hutch” in every concert. In September 1999, Slide Away was released, a track from a solo album to which Hutchence was working before his death, and in which Bono has new lyrics, based on Hutchence’s lyrics. On October 30, 2000 U2 released their tenth studio album, All That You Can not Leave Behind, featuring Stuck in a Moment You Can not Get Out Of, a song dedicated to the memory of the Australian friend.
38) February 5, 1998: U2 play for the first time in Argentina during Popmart. At the end of the concert, Bono returns in hotel and sings Mothers of the Disappeared at capella, both in English and in Spanish (the song will be released in the Ni Un Paso Atras album): in the attendace, among others, three Madres de Plaza de Mayo, including President Hebe de Bonafini. A few days later, a large delegation of the Madres de Plaza de Mayo will go on stage with  U2 in Santiago, Chile, at the end of One, shouting the names of their songs and daughter during Mothers of the Disappeared, in an epic concert in which Bono addresses several times to Chilean dictator Pinochet.
39) May 18, 1998: U2 perform in Belfast, at the Waterfront Hall, with Ash, for a concert in favor of the “Yes Campaign”. Bono, is witness of the historic handshake between SDLP’s Irish political leaders John Hume and David Trimble, Unionist Ullster leader. On the cover of the fourth single extract from Pop, Please , appear above the before mentioned Irish leaders, with Gerry Adams, party leader of Sinn Féin, and Ian Paisley, leader of the Democratic Unionist party. (Gabriel U2Breathe)
40) September 23, 1999: Bono throws himself headlong in the 2000 Jubilee campaign, aimed at erasing the debt of the so-called third world countries in the third millennium. He joins the Drop the Debt campaign, which sees involved his old friend Bob Geldof among others. On September 23, Bono and Geldof, with a delegation from Jubilee 2000, met Pope John Paul II, at his residence in Castel Gandolfo, who promised to help the Drop the Debt Campaign. At the end of the meeting, Bono gave to the Pope a book ofNobel Prize winner, Seamus Heaney, but the Pope also wanted to wear Bono’s glasses. U2 leader received a crucifix, which he also weared on the evening of the Pope’s death on April 2, 2005, during a concert in Anaheim on Vertigo Tour. (Gabriel U2Breathe)

41) November 11, 1999: Bono is awarded with the Free Your Mind Award, at the MTV Europe Music Awards at Point Depot in Dublin for his commitment to Jubilee 2000 and NetAid. At the end of the evening, he performs with Iggy Pop and Marilyn Manson in Johnny B.Goode and TV Eye.  (Daniela U2360gradi)
42) February 9, 2000: The movie The Million Dollar Hotel, written by Bono and Nicholas Klein, directed by Wim Wenders, is presented at the Berlin International Film Festival; the  entire soundtrack is produced by Bono and Wenders himself. Among the actors Mel Gibson and Milla Jovovich (Bono makes a short cameo). The idea of  the film came to Bono when U2 were looking for the location of the video of Where The Streets Have No Name; The Million Dollar Hotel was nothing other than The Rosslyn Million Dollar Hotel, whose signature is seen in the video of the masterpiece from The Joshua Tree. U2 contribute with three tracks, The First Time, Stateless, and The Ground Beneath Her Feet; In other songs are involved the three members of U2, as well as Daniel Lanois. The Ground Beneath Her Feet, written by (and with) Salman Rushdie, and contained in the  homonymous book, is performed (preceded by All I Want Is You) on February 26, 2000, when Bono and The Edge, attended for the first time, the Sanremo Festival, conducted by Fabio Fazio, accompanied by Luciano Pavarotti.
43) March 18, 2000: U2, and Paul McGuinness, receive The Freedom of the Dublin City; The same honor is reserved to Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi; All That You Can’t Leave Behind was banned from Burma for the support given to Aung San Suu Kyi  U2 with the song dedicated to her, Walk On. (Daniela U2360gradi)
44) August 21, 2001: After a battle with cancer, Bono’s father, Bob Hewson, dies. In the same evening, Bono, with a flight from Dublin, arrives in London, not giving up a concert with his U2, in full Elevation Tour. He dedicates to his father Kite, no longer ill but free. At the funeral he will sing Sometimes You Can not Make It on Your Own, a song that will be put on the 11th studio album of U2How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb (published November 22, 2004), in which Bono say to his father ,a lover of the Opera, <<you are the reason why the Opera is in me>>.
45) January 2002: Bono, together with Bobby Shriver, creates the not-governative organization D.A.T.A. (Debt, AIDS, Trade, Africa) with the aim of continuing the actions of Drop The Debt and Jubilee 2000. On May 16, 2004, ONE Campaign was born to raise public awareness and political leaders about extreme poverty and social diseases of Africa. On January 26, 2006, at the World Economic Forum, in Davos, Switzerland (RED) , another not-profit organization, founded by Bono and Shriver, is launched to link (RED)  to several bran and to devolve part of the sales to the Global Fund and help dismantle AIDS from Africa. In January 2008, D.A.T.A and ONE Campaign merge into ONE , supported also by Bill and Melinda Gates.
46) February 3, 2002: U2 play at SuperBowl performing Beautiful Day, MLK, and an unforgettable version of Where The Streets Have No Name, with the names of the September 11, 2001 attack victims running on the screens. The Tragedy of the Twin Towers touched the whole entire band; U2 were the first artist to return to the United States with the third leg of the Elevation Tour; During several concerts many firefighters and emergency medical staff were invited on stage.
47) February 21, 2003: Bono is awarded with the MusiCares Person of the Year 2003; He and The Edge, for the occasion, perform That’s Life, Night and Day, The Hands That Built America. The latter, made for the Gangs of New York soundtrack, won the Golden Globe Award 2003 but was beaten by Eminem’s Lose Yourself in the Oscar 2003 as Best Original Song.
48) June 21, 2003: U2 perform at the Special Olympics Summer Games in Dublin at the Inaugural Ceremony, accompanied by an orchestra. During Pride, Bono invites Nelson Mandela  stage. The relationship between Bono and Mandela touched other legendary peaks later. On November 29, 2003, Bono and The Edge, with other artists, participated in a concert in Cape Town, South Africa, organized to raise funds to fight AIDS, performing, among other things, 46664 (Long Walk to Freedom) written by Bono with Dave Stewart, Youssou N’Dour and Abdel. On November 29, 2013,  U2 publish Ordinary Love, included in the movie soundtrack Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom: they win the Golden Globe Awards as the Best Original Song but miss the Oscar Academy Awards 2014. (Aaron U2Songs)
49) February 2005: Bono wins the prestigious TED Prize for 2005, thanks to his commitment to ONE’s Campaign for Africa; In July 2005, the G8 would focus on debt issues on the African continent. Among the other commitments undertaken by Bono and ONE’s activists, make the Internet accessible to hospitals, schools, villages in every African country; support women beating sessism. (Daniela @daniDpVox)
50) March 25, 2007: From March to May, Bono is intensely committed to activism. On Mmarch 25 receives the Global Engagement Award at Berlin at the Echo Music Awards; Four days later, on march 29, he is named “Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire”(Daniela @daniDpVox).  On May 15, with Geldof and Groenemeyer, he attends a conference in Berlino for D.A.T.A.  criticizing G8 leaders for their delay in maintaining promises to Africa .On June 7, 2007 he attends in Rostock  the Deine Stimme gegen Armut concert, performing Redemption Song and Get Up Stand Up with Bob Geldof and Youssou N’Dour; You Never Give Me Your Money and Carry That Weight with Youssou N’Dour, Bob Geldof and Campino of the German band Die Toten Hosen; Mensch with the German artist and organizer of the event Herbert Groenemeyer. (Matthias u2gigs)
51) September 14, 2007: Bono takes part in the soundtrack of the movie Across the Universe, singing same labelled song with the band Secret Machines, and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds with The Edge; he even appears in the movie with Dr. Robert.’s cameo.
52) December 12, 2008: Bono wins the “Man of Peace” award for his activism in fighting extreme poverty. His activism, coupled with the desire for peace that characterized the life and career of  U2 leader, have repeatedly led Bono to be among the candidates (without winning it) at the Nobel Peace Prize, exactly in 2003, 2005, 2006 and 2010 .
53) November 5, 2009: U2 perform in front of the Brandeburg Gate in Berlino for the celebrations of the twenty years since the fall of the Berlin Wall; The event was broadcast at the MTV 2009 Europe Music Awards (Matthias u2gigs). In 2009 Bono and his band witnessed another historic event: on January 18 are among the artists participating in the “We Are One: The Obama Inauguration At The Lincoln Memorial”, the official celebration that preceded the inauguration of Barack Obama as US President. On December 24, 2009 he performs at Grafton Street in Dublin for homeless people with other artists, including Glen Hansard and Damien Rice and tradition will be repeated almost every subsequent year.
54) June 14, 2011: Finally, after repeated referrals and various issues it arrives day of World Musical Broadway’s first Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark , with music written and produced by Bono and The Edge. Despite the negative reviews, and the gestational problems, the Musical is the one with more tickets sold in a week at Broadway (Aaron U2Songs). In 2011, the 360°  Tour (tour to support the 12th U2 studio album, No Line On The Horizon, released on March 2, 2009) also ends, holding the world record for money earned and tickets sold.
55) November 17, 2014: Bono, after recording for Band Aid 30 in London, fly to New York, and while on his bike at Central Park, he falls ruinously getting several fractures. He has an urgent surgery, endangering the start of the Ennocence + Experience Tour scheduled for May 14, 2015 (tour of the thirteenth studio album, Songs Of Innocence, released September 9, 2014). The tour will start smoothly, but Bono is, at today, not yet able to play the guitar. In May 2010, during soundchecks for the third leg of the 360° Tour, he fell and was operated to his back. An analogous episode happened in 1987, during the tour to support The Joshua Tree, Bono fell during the concert, slinging a shoulder. In 1999 he was operated on the throat; the surgery had some consequences on Bono’s voice during  Elevation Tour, which began in March 2001. Bono has been claiming to wear sunglasses during concerts and in public because of glaucoma, suffering it since many years.
56) December 7, 2015: U2 are on stage in Paris at the AccorHotels Arena for the last show of the Innocence + Experience Tour after being forced to postpone dates originally scheduled for November 14 and 15, 2015, following the Paris attempts . On stage with U2 there are  Eagles of Death Metal, the band that was perfrorming when happened the Bataclan Attacks. They sing with U2 People Have The Power (the night before played by U2s with Patti Smith). As in 2001, Bono and U2 found themselves to be direct witnesses of one of the biggest terrorist attacks of the third millennium .
57) April 1, 2016: Bono visits the Syrian refugee camp in Gaziantep, Turkey, and performs with children of the refugeees camp  The People In Your Neighborhood field. The issue of refugees was dealt with by Bono and U2 also in the Innocence + Experience Tour, dedicating much of the second half of the show. Bono between 2015 and 2016 have fought several times for the issue of refugees in many meetings for ONE and (RED). The theme of Refugees and closed borders was one of the many reasons why Bono has repeatedly criticized the new President of the United States, Donald Trump: during U2 concerts in Las Vegas on September 23 at the iHeart Radio Music Festival and Daly City, October 5th for the event Salesforce Dreamfest, Bono has not slipped attacks to Tycoon . According to Bono and U2’s statements, Trump ‘s advent has led U2 to interrupt the recordings of Songs of Experience (scheduled for fall 2017), and to make a celebratory tour for thirty years The Joshua Tree, for the similarities of Ronald Reagan’s policy with Trump’s.

Article written by Angelo D’Arezzo.

Thanks to U2Songs u2gigs U2Breathe U2360gradi

Thanks to Claudia Assanti for the translation and support.



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